My blogging journey begins!

Path pictureNot even a year ago I was not sure what blogging even was.  Now I am starting a blog of my own.  I have been inspired by some excellent bloggers and most especially by George Couros.  Georges has a very popular Twitter account @gcouros) and an excellent blog (The Principal of Change ). I first saw George at a CPCO sponsored conference last fall and this inspired me to really start using my Twitter account as a Personal Learning Network (PLN).  Since then, I have learned a tremendous amount about best practices in education.  Having been in education myself over 26 years and as an administrator for the last 8 years, I am keenly interested in just about everything in education.  I love using Twitter but I usually want to say more than I have room for in 140 characters so I am starting this blog.  I hope to share my ideas and build on the ideas of others and I hope that that others will read and comment so that I can refine my learning and hopefully it will interesting and helpful to those that read as well.  My primary goal is to be a better educator in order to positively impact my students’ well being and learning.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  • Rick Gavin says:

    Thanks to my first reader Velia Viola. Her Twitter handle is @VeliaViola1. She has and shares many excellent ideas.